Our SEO Process

So what even is SEO? You’ve heard the phrase tossed around in networking events and workshops, you nod your head yes when people talk about it, but you’ve always wondered what it actually is. Sound like you? Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website to users on Google. This is a complicated process that involves improving your image in the eyes of Google through work done to the website and beyond. 

When it comes to ranking on Google, if you’re not first – you’re last. Bolster organic sales by claiming first page and first rank authority. No matter the industry, we can rank businesses on the first page of Google with high-ranking keywords. Invest in your company and the future of your business by having proper Google visibility today. 


Keyword Selection

Our SEO specialists start with an audit of your new website and determine which keywords will be most effective. Target area, type of loans, and personal goals are all contributing factors in determining keywords.


Onsite Optimization

We make sure that all the onsite components of your website are optimized by focusing on relevance. This will help website visitors and the search engines easily understand what you do and will help Google decide if you’re trustworthy for corresponding keywords.


Offsite Optimization

Reputation is everything. Google relies heavily on references – primarily in the form of online referrals, or back-linking. Essentially they look for your website to be mentioned or referenced by other industry experts.


Live Reporting

Our reporting is what sets us apart. You’ll have real-time access to your metrics, stats, and reporting so you can see all the work that is being done and the progress your campaign is making.


Improved Rankings

As optimizations to your website are implemented and backlinks are created on trusted sites across the web, your site will begin to move up in search engine rankings. Higher rankings means that more people are finding and visiting your sites.


Increased Sales

You made it! The ultimate goal of SEO is to drive more traffic to your sites, which in turn increase sales and grows your company.

In short, Google wants the best services and products to appear on its first page. It’s a lengthy and complicated process but the benefits far outweigh the time and cost involved to achieving first page status. As we become desensitized to digital advertising, organic search rankings (SEO) seem to be doing better and better, as studies show users looking for organic listings more and more over sponsored listings (ads). It’s imperative that businesses show up on Google in today’s day and age as consumers become more informed and do more research before making a decision.

Before we start any campaign, we perform a full history and audit report to ensure our efforts are maximized. We look at things like website structure, existing rankings, Google My Business information, and reputation. Transparency is key and like a lot of things online, SEO and its complexity can muddy the waters when it comes time to choose a company that is reputable, honest, and ethical. Our process allows us to break things down as much as necessary, that way our clients are always on the same page. Once we achieve first page status, we work towards ranking first for that particular keyword and the process is replicated for each keyword chosen.

Keyword selection is probably the quintessential deciding factor between SEO campaign success and failure. To ensure success, we perform keyword and industry research to select the most advantageous keywords for your business with budget in mind. Keywords are curated from three different variables: location, market competitiveness, and website traffic goals. These variables allow us to create a campaign that is personalized and suits immediate needs and budget.

ROI can be a difficult calculation when it comes to SEO for some businesses. There’s no denying that showing up on Google is invaluable for most, but who doesn’t benefit? The answer is simple: do people search for your type of goods or services? The answer is almost always yes. Some businesses will benefit more than others but it all comes down to creating a campaign that’s right for your business. Each campaign differs in many ways but the common denominator is ROI and we’ve created a lot of success thus far. Scroll down and learn more about what we’ve accomplished.


In-Depth Look

What goes into it?


Custom Content Creation

Create and post custom content that is high quality and relevant to your business.


SEO Consultation & Reporting

Campaign setup & ongoing management of SEO strategy, performance reporting, campaign audits, and proactive maintenance.


Link Portfolio Development

Develop clickable links back to your website in places where customers gather online.


Website Optimization

Perform onsite keyword optimizations, site cleanup, and ongoing maintenance.


Business Profile Development

Create and maintain profiles on online business directories.

Numbers Don't Lie

Average increases among clients from all markets.

% Website Traffic Increase
% First Page Success Rate
% Client Retention
% Higher Conversion Rate

Why VEnzo Group?


Our team is made up of some of the best SEO experts in the industry who, not only care about our clients, but ensure success. We've optimized nearly 300 keywords in the past year, and continue to develop cutting-edge practices.

Google Insiders

We see exactly what Google sees when they determine rank. Whenever Google changes their algorithm - we're notified and our implementation improves immediately. Having this ability is another great way we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Dedicated SEO Team

We have a dedicated team solely for SEO fulfillment. Each client is assigned a dedicated Partner Success Manager to facilitate and manage every aspect of their campaign. This allows for ease of communication and the ability to get to know each and every client on a personal level.

High-Quality Keyword Selection

"homes for sale with brick fire place and two bathrooms on the lower level" is not the best keyword (for obvious reasons). Other SEO providers offer to "rank" 100 keywords, however it's important they're ranking keywords that people are actually searching for. Our team analyzes active and highly trafficked keywords, and optimizes best keywords for any industry.


We've built a live portal for you to track the success of your campaign. We have absolutely nothing to hide and this reflects that. We're so confident in our ability that we allow you to see all the work we're doing live.


We guarantee first page authority within six months. Unlike large box companies offering one-size-fits-all packages, you won't be left wondering "what am I even paying for?" Our dedicated team has a combined 35 years of SEO experience and are some of the best in the industry. Each campaign differs but the common denominator is ROI and we've created a lot of success thus far. Scroll down and learn more about what we've accomplished.

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