SEO Pricing

Venzo Group has provided SEO services for the Twin Cities and beyond since its inception. We work with SMB’s all the way to large corporations – we cater to a multitude of needs. Regardless of campaign size, our process ensures the scope is on-target and yields success.


SEO is complex. It involves a bunch of moving pieces and, to do it right, you need a comprehensive strategy – not a prepackaged “plan”. A proper plan will need month-to-month work to improve a site’s organic ranking on Google. A few factors that impact the scope of any given SEO campaign are:

  • Existing website
  • Current Google ranking
  • Market
  • Location
  • Business goals

It’s not uncommon for a business to pay either too much or too little for an SEO campaign – this is why it’s so important to choose an agency that asks the right questions, understands your goals, and has a solid reputation.

What Doesn't Work

Time and time again businesses try to get away with spending as little as possible on “SEO”, and end up spending more in the long run to correct mispractice and have to restart to get the results they had hoped for. Big box companies will oftentimes “bundle” SEO with a website or offer prepackaged SEO – these are traps that many fall into.

SEO Pricing Guideline

For the aforementioned reasons above we do not offer our services in the form of packages. Each SEO campaign is varies in complexity and scope, however, there are trends. They are as follows:

  • Larger the area – the more work a campaign requires
  • The more competition – the more work a campaign requires
  • Local campaigns start at $1000 per month
  • National campaigns start at $3000 per month
  • SEO campaigns targeting a smaller area (small and medium-sized cities) typically range between $1,000 – $2,000 per month.


Being educated on SEO and its utility is essential in choosing a campaign that is right for your business. If you have additional questions regarding SEO or would like to know more about our philosophy and offerings – feel free to reach out.  

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