SEO Process


Before we start any campaign, we perform a full history and audit report to ensure our efforts are maximized. We look at things like website structure, existing rankings, Google My Business information, and reputation. Transparency is key and like a lot of things online, SEO and its complexity can muddy the waters when choosing a company that is reputable, honest, and ethical. We break things down as much as necessary, that way our partners are always on the same page. Once we achieve first page status, we work towards ranking first for that particular keyword and the process is replicated for each keyword chosen. effectively keep your service/product in the back of your customer’s mind.

SEO Process



Market Research

We start by determining the competitiveness of your market within Google.


Website Audit

Each site we work with is at a different stage of development – some are already optimized while some need a considerable amount of work. This is where we determine gaps that need bridging.


Keyword Selection

Ranking for relevant, highly-trafficked keywords is essential for success. Our research findings (and audit) give us the tools to choose optimal keywords.


Onsite Optimization

We start with onsite optimization to ensure Google’s algorithms can ‘crawl’ the site effectively. We also modify structure and content for optimization.


Offsite Optimization

The majority of our focus is here. This is where we build trust and reputation with Google via backlinking, offsite content, etc.


Analyze & Optimize

While ranking for specific keywords, we track others in case there are changes in search numbers or there is low-hanging fruit for the taking.

When choosing an agency for SEO work, it’s important there’s an effective process spanning the roles of multiple people. A solid process allows for the team to work effectively and produce best-in-class results: would you rather have a major league team battling for your brand or a minor league team? SEO works in the same way.

Benefits of our Process

Live Reporting

Understanding what’s being done in a campaign can be smoke and mirrors with some SEO suppliers. We have an online portal for all of our partners – access to live data, metrics, and keyword progress allows for unparalleled transparency.

In-Person Accountability

SEO can be done from anywhere – we help businesses and organizations locally and at a national level. We offer monthly in-person reporting to our local partners and quarterly in-person reporting to our out-of-state partners. We believe in the power of relationships and with that an in-person experience is unbeatable.

In-Depth Education on SEO

“Behind the scenes” is great and all but doesn’t exactly scream transparency or trust. Each and every partner we work with is assigned a Partner Success Manager. They will guide you through the SEO process by answering any and all questions you may have, being as hands-off or hands-on as you require, and ultimately helping you make informed decisions about the direction of a campaign.

Real Results

Ultimately our process allows for unprecedented results. We pride ourselves in doing what’s right for our partners and being open and honest every step of the way. Venzo Group offers an excellent experience all the while producing results and educating our partners.

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